Sareem shares new self-titled project

By Damilola Grey

Sareem has finally dropped his highly awaited self-titled project, his first full-length release in 2 years. The 12-track tape boasts of features from AG3, Alexander the Great, and SPYKid, as well as others. It also features a personal favorite track of mine, “Sareem Abdul Jabaar”.

When I asked him what his self-titled album meant to him, he said “Sareem is me, it’s my family name. Sareem is a way for me to harness confidence that I fought like hell to find when I was growing up. It’s a way for me to search the words of what I’m feeling at that time. I’d say I’m at my most real/vulnerable on this album specifically because I don’t try to frame it as some “I’m better than you” or “I’m flexing this and you ain’t” type shit. I feel like anything that can be seen as flexes rather reflect my flaws on the later songs. I guess that’s what I was trying to go for with some of it, like if I’m flexing, it’s not out of desire or a want, but more out of desperation, selfishness and survival”. Sareem is full of hits and I honestly feel like everyone should check it out, and see why he’s called Sareem Abdul Jabaar.

Stream Sareem HERE.

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