Jillian Rossi releases emotional pop single “Not Used to Normal”

By Mason Romm

Jillian Rossi recently released an emotional single called “Not Used To Normal” and our team at Roundhouse cannot stop listening to it. Her vocal range and delivery on the track is outstanding and the song is addicting the more times you listen to it. The catchy lyrics and sad vibe make you feel as if you know Jillian yourself. The song fits perfectly into your playlist that you use to drive with your windows down at night. 

Jillian is now gaining the recognition and respect she so rightfully earned. With her name appearing across blogs, playlists, and garnering over 100,000 pre-saves on two singles she is destined to be in every kids mind soon. Jillian is creating a unique lane for her style of pop, her raw emotion is felt in each track. If you have not yet, hit the link below to stream her latest single. 

By mromm01

Founder of PLAYDATE.

Writer at Loading Magazine.

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