Monroe Jordan drops ethereal new single “bound”

By Christian Peeney

Ohio R&B artist Monroe Jordan has released his latest single “bound”.

With an ethereal sounding bass-line and smooth guitars, the song is like entering an enchanted forest on a warm, summer night. Fireflies light up the woods, revealing beautiful rosebushes and aged trees, all underneath a starry night sky. From its very beginning, it captures the listener and brings them into his world.

The highlight of the song is Jordan’s voice. Similar to Frank Ocean’s, his voice has a beautiful upper register, and he creates simple, yet incredible harmonies. Clearly inspired by Frank Ocean’s music, Jordan uses those harmonies to create movement throughout the song, fading in and out like waves on a beach. Through this, those harmonies make a satisfying sound that forces the listener to continue all the way to the end.

Listen to “bound” now:

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