Bbm Deion extends streak, drops “Face2Face”

By Trey Fox

The emerging Lubbock, TX native continues to apply pressure in 2022. Deion is fresh off releasing his fourth hit single of the year, “Third Person,” which garnered a rotation on SiriusXM’s Channel 44 Hip-Hop Nation. He has returned with perhaps his most personal record to date. 

The gentle piano keys and pitched vocals fit Deion’s mood on the track perfectly. He reflects on the traumatic events that he’s had to witness, which includes the heart-breaking effects of gun violence. Deion carries a melodic flow throughout the song. He opens up about the vices he uses to suppress his pain and grief. He also expresses the sense of desperation people feel when facing financial burdens, but he vows to make a better life for himself and his mother. 

Deion touches on losing contact with people he was once close to and how the loyalty he could once count on was broken. “I move solo!”, he sings with conviction. He’s content navigating this path alone because he’s been able to sustain success. Even though he previously had doubts, Deion now “feels like we’re next to win.” With a string of highly successful releases, it appears that he is right. 

Stream “Face2Face” now:

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