illusion hills and aldrch release expansive single “chasm”

By Jacob Ezra

Genre-blending group illusion hills have connected with aldrch for a new single called “chasm”. Explosive and energetic, the song’s textural, sharply-crafted instrumentation and refreshing blend of punk, indie, and more make for a vital listen.

“chasm” opens up with warm guitars that convey a sense of longing, as rich bass moors the track. The song begins with wistful, calm vocal delivery before an engaging switch brings in driving, distorted vocals. Beneath, clattering, powerful percussion continues to build excitingly until a memorable, infectious chorus is brought in, showcasing the enticing dynamics of the band’s songwriting.

Topically, the song discusses coming of age, change, and the impermanence of youth, making for a relatable offering. Speaking on the track, vocalist/producer warp mj said, “Whether change is positive or negative, it allows you to adjust, grow, and learn in order to get out of the same cycle of stagnation. That’s the ‘chasm’ we are climbing out of – staying the same because it’s comfortable.”

The latest from illusion hills and aldrch, “chasm” is an engaging, enlivening single that continues their streak of forward-thinking, genre-blending releases.

Listen to “chasm” here:

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