Cashus King and Blu connect for refreshing single “Black Israelis (The New World)”

West Coast mainstays and frequent collaborators Cashus King and Blu have returned with a new single called “Black Israelis (The New World)”, produced by clouded slum. The first single from King’s upcoming album, The W.O.W. (The Weight of Wind), releasing June 17, “Black Israelis (The New World)” provides an airy, uplifting sound and characteristically vivid, insightful verses from King and Blu.

“Black Israelis (The New World)” opens with warm, atmospheric vocal samples that drift alongside warm guitars, before organic-sounding percussion picks up an engaging rhythm. Underscoring King and Blu’s dynamic, crisp vocals, the beat glistens with ethereal energy.

Regarding the single’s content, King says, “in a way, I consider myself a Black Israeli and a Black Palestinian, conceptually. Black Israelis, not to be confused with Black Israelites, is a metaphor for overcoming hardship and adversity. Both the Palestinians and the Jewish people (although not all Israelis are Jewish) have been historically persecuted, and like the Blacks of America, they thrive on. Blu and I represent the struggle of artistry, the struggle of blackness, and the struggle of humanity”.

“Black Israelis (The New World)” will appear on King’s new album The W.O.W. (The Weight of Wind), releasing June 17.

Listen to “Black Israelis (The New World)” here:

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