Juko blesses us with new single “Change (It Won’t Be Long)”

By Damilola Grey

Juko has finally blessed us with his highly anticipated single “Change (It Won’t Be Long)”. The 3-minute track is way different from Juko’s previous work, as he switched up his vocals and even production style here. It’s a song about forgetting who you are, and then finding a way back. When I asked Juko what the track meant to him, he told me “the song has many meanings to me. I wrote it during a particularly difficult time in my life. One night-I was so scared of the fact that I felt like I haven’t changed as a person lately; that I haven’t grown into the person I wanted to be. I needed to force myself into a situation where I needed to grow. It took me a bit to realize that all of that should come naturally. Do your thing- try your absolute hardest- and the growth will follow”. Well, the growth is obvious on “Change (It Won’t Be Long, but instead of taking my word for it, give it a listen right now and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Listen to “Change (It Won’t Be Long)” now HERE.

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