AYJ Wavey returns with new EP ‘4EA’

By Damilola Grey

AYJ Wavey has finally dropped his long awaited EP 4EA. The 4 track EP shows AYJ’s versatility with turnt tracks like “Fall in Love”, to deep cuts like “Feel Something”, to a more bar heavy feel with “Whole Lotta Red”. AYJ was able to mix different sounds and emotions in just 4 tracks. When I talked to the England-based Nigerian about what 4EA meant to him, he told me “4EA is a state of mind, a way of life I maintained for most of the lockdown. I was in my head, in my own world, studying the game, learning, watching everything and this project is sort of my reaction to everything. This project is a care package for those that really fuck with what I do and think they can see the vision, cause I gotta keep those guys fed; they’re my core listeners. 4EA is also a reflection of my versatility and untapped sound”. It’s obvious with this project that AYJ has grown as an artist and we can’t wait for the visuals he has on the way.

Listen to 4EA now:

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