grape milk shares new single “we don’t need therapy!”

By Damilola Grey

grape milk has blessed us with a new single titled “we don’t need therapy!”. Here, the 3-minute pop track sees grape milk make use of his signature soft delivery. In the track, grape milk addresses a person that says he doesn’t need therapy and instead needs money to buy drugs. I talked to grape milk about what the song meant to him and he told me “I struggled with depression around the time of my graduation from high school then I spent a lot of time trying to figure out why I was depressed and what I could do to get out of it. Over the course of this entire past year, I have taken myself on a few magic mushroom trips and I think they’ve slowly but steadily changed my life. Currently, I think my depression is at an all-time low since I first felt it, and that’s when I decided to write the song about it. All that to say, “we don’t need therapy!” is really a song about escaping what so many people are struggling with, and hopefully the song sparks hope for some people who are going through hard times”. grape milk put his all in this song and didn’t disappoint one bit.

NB: grape milk isn’t glorifying drugs or trying to undermine therapy but is highlighting his own experiences with depression.

Stream “we don’t need therapy!”:

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