Xav the Ripper returns with triumphant single “Champ’s League”

New Jersey writer, recording artist, and producer Xav the Ripper has returned with a new single titled “Champ’s League”, produced by Xav and fellow NJ producer Devin Glover. Beginning at the young age of 16, he taught himself how to be entirely self-sufficient in his recording process, learning how to record, mix, and engineer. After a series of engaging, lyrically-focused offerings in 2021, as well as 2022’s “No Cry”, he has now returned with triumphant banger “Champ’s League”.

“Champ’s League” opens with boisterous, textured horns that underscore Xav’s commanding vocals. Once crisp, head-nodding drums drop in, he ups his energy to new levels, attacking the track with gripping ferocity before the song explodes into a powerful, memorable hook. Showcasing sharp, confident flows and focused lyricism, Xav’s vocal performance draws the listener in, keeping them glued to the speakers to catch every line.

The latest from New Jersey’s Xav the Ripper, “Champ’s League” has us excited to hear another full-length project from him, as it exhibits poise in its lyricism and a refreshing, energizing sound.

Listen to “Champ’s League” now:

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