badmonsham continues momentum with new single “Say Wassup”

By Mason Romm

All eyes are on Florida’s own Badmonsham after recently releasing the impressive single “Say Wassup”, and it does not disappoint. From gaining traction on TikTok to working with artists like BabyJake, Sham is doing all of this with no manager. This new single “Say Wassup” is creative and unique to him. Sham’s diversity within his music is incredible. Each track has its own journey and mood that allows you to see him in multiple lights. Sham is destined to be in the limelight soon enough. With his genuine personality and fun way about himself he attracts the listener to want more. I am excited to see his future as an artist and I hope the rest of the world catches on soon.

Listen to “Say Wassup” now:

By mromm01

Founder of PLAYDATE.

Writer at Loading Magazine.

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