Live 4eva shares exciting release “ASHLEY BANKS: THE MOVIE” [Video]

Live 4eva has shared a fresh new release called “Ashley Banks”, paired with an engaging visual. Although he is relatively new to the music scene, with “Ashley Banks” being his third release, he is already making impressive progress in carving out his own sound and unique lane. Unafraid to take risks sonically, he blends engaging influences together into an electrifying formula centred around powerful beats and addictive melodies. This is on full display for his latest offering “Ashley Banks”, an infectious song that finds the young artist delivering memorable vocals atop raw, heavy production. Featuring driving synths and expansive 808s locked in by crisp percussion, the intensity of the instrumental on “Ashley Banks” is further enhanced by Live 4eva’s confident verses and explosive chorus. Additionally, the minimalistic, raw aesthetic of the video matches “Ashley Banks” sonics perfectly, making for an enticingly catchy combination. The latest from Live 4eva, “Ashley Banks” has us excited to hear what may come next from him, considering this is only his third single.

Watch the video for “ASHLEY BANKS: THE MOVIE”

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