Bert Knox, KADOLEAF, and tookhozy share vibrant single “G TRAIN”

Brooklyn rapper Bert Knox and Virginia singer KADOLEAF join forces alongside New York producer tookhozy for their latest genre-bending single “G TRAIN.” This track serves as a follow-up for Knox and KADOLEAF, as per their previous collaboration on the “Number9 Remix” with Tommy Richman. This latest single is spacey and colorful, with a layered instrumental centred around watery synths and laid-back horns. Beneath, grooving, textural drums create a solid foundation for the dynamic vocalists, who bring a refreshing variety of bright, R&B and alternative pop influenced melodies, and smooth hip-hop verses.

While demonstrating a refined approach towards genre-blending landscapes, this track strikes a refined balance between alternative hip-hop, Neo-R&B, and Bedroom Pop. KADOLEAF’s vocals feel nostalgic and comforting, which create the perfect atmosphere for Knox to take us home with his distinctive cadence and imagery-driven stanzas. The drums, crafted by tookhozy, stick and hold together the tropical chord progressions that stand out in the production. As we enter into spring, “G TRAIN” is the perfect soundtrack for the seasonal transition.

Listen to “G Train” now:

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