Mr Pigeons shares eclectic new album ‘Blue Heron’

Berlin-based artist Mr Pigeons has shared a new album titled Blue Heron. The musician, who first came onto our radar with his expansive 2021 album Pink Fossil, builds on the surreal foundation he created with that record on Blue Heron, a dense, varied set of tracks that are mind-expanding and abstract. Frequently blending different genres and influences, this album combines disparate elements in a way that feels natural and engaging.

Blue Heron kicks off with the powerful, cacophonous opener “Subtle Needs”, a track that creates a mercurial, dark atmosphere using shrieking woodwinds that aptly resemble bird calls. Underneath, heavy 808s and metallic percussion create a solid foundation for Mr Pigeons dynamic, poetic vocals. Introducing the album’s mysterious, grand sound, “Subtle Needs” makes for an album highlight early in the tracklist.

Next, “Where U At?” follows with an otherworldly instrumental containing a heavy, memorable bassline and clanging percussion. Here, Mr Pigeons comes through with some evocative verses that highlight his sharp lyrical ability, as vivid lines paint psychedelic images in the listener’s mind. Album highlight “The Reed” follows next, with hypnotic strings and eery vocal samples ringing out atop rugged drums. As the beat swirls in kaleidoscopic patterns, Mr Pigeons delivers a series of thought-provoking verses that draw the listener even deeper into this track’s moody, organic soundscape.

With three powerful, sonically massive leading tracks, “Like Magic” and “Overflow” change up the pace midway through the record by bringing in more carefree, laid-back rhythms. Weightless and ethereal, these two tracks provide a lighter mood before “Bread” re-introduces the darker, sweeping soundscapes heard earlier. An enigmatic track, “Bread”‘s rich production is captivating, as winding samples meld smoothly with Mr Pigeons vocals to soar atop crunchy drums.

The album’s latter half features some eclectic experimentation, with songs like “Sleeps” and “Tateguru” making use of glitchier, more maximalist soundscapes that suit Mr Pigeons dynamic vocals well. On the flipside, it also includes more minimalistic, relaxed tracks like “Calmer” and “Grandma” that provide breathing room, allowing for an engaging listening experience that takes the listener on a vibrant journey through varied, lush sonics, making Blue Heron an intriguing and diverse ride overall.

The latest from Berlin’s Mr Pigeons, Blue Heron takes the listener into unforeseen sonic territory, exploring moody, vast soundscapes that are thought-provoking in nature. Pairing rich, esoteric production with vibrantly poetic lyricism, Blue Heron is a record that beckons many re-visits to grasp its full scope, as he pulls from a variety of eclectic influences to craft something refreshing in so many regards.

Listen to ‘Blue Heron’ now:

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