Devon Alexis shares debut single “Brix”

By Todd Anderson

“Brix” is the debut single from Rochester, NY artist Devon Alexis, a refreshing track that pairs vaguely unsettling melodies with heavy, memorable grooves to create an infectious blend. Alexis crafted this song based around the theme of how it feels to stay in a toxic situation that has a bleak outlook. “Brix” speaks to the difficulty of leaving something that you know is broken, no matter how much it hurts to stay. Alexis handled the vocals entirely, delivering dynamic, catchy verses full of personal lyricism, where the instrumental was crafted by Brady O’Keefe. Haunting in sound, it utilizes dissonant keys and distorted, swelling bass to capture a feeling of uncertainty. This ghostly backdrop suits Alexis’ vocals, enveloping them in a mysterious mood that makes this song a layered listening experience. The debut single from Rochester’s Devon Alexis, “Brix” has excited to hear what more she has in store musically.

Listen to “Brix” now:

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