32 Evan drops new single “Take It” (ft. Rot Ken)

By Darasha Singleton

Augusta artist 32 Evan has just dropped a new single “Take it” featuring another Augusta native, Rot Ken. This modern-day love song goes back and forth between giving their love and soul to their partner and then encouraging them to just take it – take it like you would anything else. 

At the start of the track, you can tell it’s going to be one you can vibe out to with its calming beat and the dash of bass. Subtle uh-huh’s ride over the beat at the beginning of the song like an unwritten agreement to the title of the song. 

Rot Ken, who takes over the chorus, has a distinct flow that can often be heard in many of his solo tracks. He takes you along as the beat picks up. The familiar tone works here, too. 

The torch is handed back over to 32 Evan as he comes in with a less lover boy vibe. Delivering with a courageous tone, 32 Evan switches his flow to match seamlessly with the beat. 

“Take it” is a track that will keep you wanting to hear more from these two. 

Listen to “Take It” now: 

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