Camila Colominas & Raelee release ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ EP

By Avinash Singh

With the weekend approaching, we wanted to find a new musical project to complement our wild celebrations in the best way possible. Our finding arrives just in time. Without further ado, let us meet Camila Colominas and Raelee, two of the most creative artists we’ve found recently.

The EP Heartbreak Hotel which is a collaboration of Camila and Raelee has been gaining traction in the music scene. The album consists of a total of 8 tracks in which “Bad Habit” has been one of the most streamed songs instantly after its release gaining over 8K streamers overnight and now stands at 12K streamings which is the most impressive thing one can encounter.

The EP is sweet, beautiful, melodious, and has a rhythmic beauty which makes the album a smashing hit. Few artists have the same distinct voice and talent that they bring to the music market, and their devotion is guaranteed to resonate with anybody who hears the album.

The album was performed by the extremely talented producer Bergotti. Bergotti composed two of the beats for Heartbreak Hotel, “Kamaals Outro” and “Heartbreak Hotel”, the opening track on the EP. They penned the songs while the beats were being generated, which is why the two individual tunes are so distinct. On “Heartbreak Hotel,” their dear buddy HighJak played a guitar solo.

Besides, both the artist were best friends and was fascinated by music. They had the same vision of creating an R&B album as they grew up watching big personalities collab but never saw female artists R&B Collaboration. This lit a fire in them to do something unique that one has never seen.

Stream Now on Spotify

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