Guillotine Crowns share fresh single “Art Dealers”

Guillotine Crowns, a collaborative group consisting of Uncommon Nasa and Short Fuze, have shared a new single called “Art Dealers”. The duo, whose abstract, evocative style pairs gritty New York boom-bap aesthetics with forward-thinking sounds, share a natural chemistry built over a decade of prior collaboration. Their latest song, “Art Dealers” is a layered offering with a thought-provoking instrumental centred around textured guitars, chilling keys, and pounding percussion. Atop the instrumental, the two rappers come through with focused, lyrically dense verses that mesh smoothly with the track’s grimy production. Another solid release from these two underground veterans, “Art Dealers” is intriguingly nostalgic yet also futuristic.

Listen to “Art Dealers” now:

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