Saya Mosaic shares new EP ‘Looking Glass’

By Griffen Elliot

Are you in need of some slow-moving, head grooving tunes? Look no further than Saya Mosaic‘s newest release Looking Glass. This EP features everything an R&B lover needs- from slick, swung, laid-back drum grooves that get you moving without even realizing it- to smooth bass-lines and beautiful harmonies. Saya exudes a real sense of maturity and poise with her delivery on these tracks and as an artist in general, especially considering she’s only been releasing music for the last year. A personal favourite of mine is the title track and lead single, “Looking Glass”, which presents some serious old-school vibes, paired with a synth rhythm that makes it feel fresh at the same time, like if Erykah Badu was a bedroom producer. Saya Mosaic is perfect for those chilled-out evenings when you crave something silky, and honestly, her discography will not disappoint wherever you decide to start listening.

Listen to Looking Glass now:

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