HighJak & DMAD share vibrant single “Get My Halo”

HighJak and DMAD have shared a fresh, vibrant new single called “Get My Halo”. Here, the genre-blending artists seamlessly combine pop, indie rock, emo, and hip-hop into an infectious mixture that captivates the listener with colorful sounds and catchy melodies. Containing evocative, atmospheric guitars ringing out over an addictive bassline and underscored by bouncy, textured percussion, the instrumental for “Get My Halo” is layered and vital. Moreover, the vocals are poignant and emotive, containing addictive melodies as well as dynamic, raw rap verses. An engaging, versatile track, “Get My Halo” will certainly be a notable addition to our rotation going forward.

Listen to “Get My Halo” now:

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