An Interview with Fatboyshaun

By Jacob Ezra

Jacob: What made you initially want to start making music?

Fatboyshaun: As like a 4-5 year old my mom always had jay-z, lil wayne, and scarface on and i would learn all the lyrics and shit. But i found my love for music when my stepdad taught me how to play drums when i was like 10 and from there the homie dremack told me i should try rappin when i was like 12-13 and its just been my passion since.

Jacob: What was it like growing up in south Texas, and what was the music scene like there?

Fatboyshaun: Ima get a lotta shit for this one, but personally ive never been a fan of the texas sound or what was relevant in texas. Dont get me wrong cause music is all perspective, i just heard it way too much when i was younger and when it came time for me to discover music for myself i found east coast music and that was like the most fye shit to me. Now i have a deeper appreciation for Texas music, but its still not in my rotation of shit i listen to.

Jacob: Who were some of the main inspirations that shaped your sound over the years?

Fatboyshaun: I would say Doom, pro era (the whole beast coast movement from the early 2010s), Ye (when he actually rapped), NAS, and odd future were all my younger inspirations and im glad i got to exist during a period where i got to experience those artists. Now i more so find inspiration from my personal life, films, travelling, food, physical art kinda just more so things that i can interpret in my own way. I also listen to music all day everyday, im still a music nerd at the end of the day rn i listen to alot of Bronson, roc marci, ankhlejohn, and any griselda artist.

Jacob: What do you look for when selecting beats?

Fatboyshaun: The beat has to speak to me. I do this thing where when i listen to a beat pack i stand up and i pace around, if i havent started freestyling/verbally writing out loud within 30 seconds to a minute, then i personally dont feel a connection with the beat. i love production and sound design, but im a sucker for a great fucking sample loop. its a art form to sampling and when its done right 9 times out of 10 ima pick that beat.

Jacob: Which track on 100$ pasta plates was your favourite to create?

Fatboyshaun: Personally kombucha was cool cause i just posted like a “calling all artist” type thing. Shit was like a battle royale. I got back like 35+ verses and only 4 made it. But conceptually timmy chans was my favorite song to write, record, and film the visuals to.

Jacob: How did you first connect with Trox?

Fatboyshaun: I got playlisted with Ricky Mapes and through him i connected with Soko and Trox just happened to be Soko’s artist. So Soko connected us and next thing u know we were making a project.

Jacob: What was the experience like working with Trox on 100$ pasta plates?

Fatboyshaun: It was cool, glad we experienced that and made a dope connection. It also was super easy to communicate and work everything out as far as music goes.

Jacob: What do you hope people take away from listening to 100$ pasta plates?

Fatboyshaun: I honestly dont know, i just hope they enjoy it and formulate their own perspective of what im saying. Im big on letting everyone formulate their own opinion cause who am i to try and push an agenda?

Jacob: What do you hope to achieve this year with your music?

Fatboyshaun: Personally i just wanna tour, preferably a european tour. Also wanna work with some artist but i like to let that type of shit happen organically. Hopefully we drop 3-4 projects this year too. its january so hopefully another one drop soon…who knows? Let Allah lead me where im needed most.

Watch the video for “Timmy Chans” by Fatboyshaun and Trox:

Connect with Fatboyshaun: Instagram | Twitter | Spotify

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