IFF_ shares new release “TWO MORE YEARS”

By Connie Roses

“Maybe in two more years I’ll do something” is the final recollection made on IFF_’s new track released last Friday, also notably named “TWO MORE YEARS.”

Though “TWO MORE YEARS” is wrapped quite succinctly around the idea of melancholy daydreaming and controlled self-loathing, self awareness of a shared jaded view towards the future is more than apparent through the four minute epic pop-rock track.

Since early 2020 we’ve been trapped in the Covid-19 pandemic and though two years seems like a suitable time to discuss the pandemic, many artists have either executed upon the discussion poorly or have dismissed the topic as a whole.

Earl Sweatshirt of course released “Sick!” last month to critical acclaim. But while the album is of course in reference to the pandemic and its effects the themes of the album revolve around the chance to finally reflect deeply on the past since its writer is forced to stay inside. “Sick!” is a strong tape, but doesn’t hit the spot for a discussion of how the populace’s attitude towards the future has changed since COVID-19 swept across the world.

“TWO MORE YEARS” is a track that fills the COVID-19 gap. Frustration and boredom, a lingering depression, and confusion are all tied to images which serve as simple yet beautiful metaphors. A blank ceiling, a slight touch of blue in the sky which is inevitably meant to go away as the seasons turn bleak and cold, an inability to leave the house and go grocery shopping… these images all serve as connections to the lingering effects of COVID-19 and how it affects our ability to act now and move forward.

IFF_ balances the self-loathing lyrics with a dramatic instrumental and soaring vocals that serve as hopeful reminders that the frustration is backed by a shared feeling which so many of us have and wish to be done with. A bleak feeling that there might be another two years where we feel a strong indifference fueling our depression, and an inability to make the choices we need to make to put the trauma and confusion behind us. This balance is the beauty and tragedy of “TWO MORE YEARS.” Go listen to it now.

IFF_’s new tape APT 203. releases February 25th. Part 3 will be out this Friday on the 18th. Go follow his instagram below to stay updated for more of their music.

IFF_ on Instagram.

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