Aux Sauce & Garr share new song “Cut-throat”

Aux Sauce & Garr have shared a brand new single called “Cut-throat”. This upbeat, bouncy song brings warm, nostalgic vibes to the table, making for an engaging, immersive listen.

The instrumental for “Cut-throat” sparkles brightly, composed primarily of drifting guitars. Beneath, head-nodding percussion and rich bass lock in a catchy rhythm that gives this new single much replay value. Moreover, the vocals on “Cut-throat” are evocative and immersive, providing neatly crafted melodies that stick in the listener’s head for days.

Overall, “Cut-throat” is an interesting, exciting offering from these up-and-comers. Hopefully more is soon to come from them, as they show potential on this retrospective, colorful new release.

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