Lil Heartbreak is making noise in the music scene

Written by Avinash Singh

Artists are nowadays mainly very eagre and the competition is rude. However, if the industry is tuned by automated devices and autotunes, it is rarer and rarer to discover solid projects delivering real music, with musicians and their organic music. The new single by  “lilheartbreak” belongs to this category.

We are in love with our discovery of the day: “Uprise” by singer lilheartbreak. The rhythmic beat, trippie redd-inspired, the vocal performance is unique between pop and upbeat rage vibe. The recipe is totally unique and inspiring.

Delivering his fast-paced melodic sound from using pop and acoustic and much more! Profoundly influenced by the works of Juice WRLD, Lil Skies, and Dior, Lil Uzi Vert, XXXTENTACION, Bruno Mars, Pharrell Williams, and more Heartbreak sets his heart to be happy and successful.

The bass and electro elements blend together to unveils a kind of cinematic world and above all a creative universe. According to the artist, his music is a lot more unique than others because my melodies and flows are very unique and there’s barely anyone in the music scene in London making this type of music which he makes so that makes him stand out in this underground UK music scene a lot. You can find his  socials down below 

His Instagram is here –

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