Written by Avinash Singh

We have discovered the Norwegian rapper Naits with “coffin girl” featuring fawlin and from the first seconds, we knew that we were listening to something special. It’s almost impossible to classify it as a sad rap because of the difference in it as a hip-hop track that offers a real experience between emo trap sounds, threatening instrumental, and flow out of the norm.

The singer/songwriter Naits blends hip-hop, alternative pop, R&B, and emo trap in a dark, but energetic fashion which is what makes him unique. The song is about losing the person you love the most, the pain and frustration you feel knowing you’ll never see them again no matter what you do.

The rapper reminds us of artists, who are able to bring fresh sonorities to the table and make the music evolve for the best. The emo-rapper stole the hearts of many with this track because of his near-therapeutic lyrics and distinctive vocal tone. Now surpassing 1.5 Million streams and being the most popular track among his audience. So you shouldn’t miss it.

From the first notes, we knew that “coffin girl” would have a deserved place among the greatest tracks. The single has the basic emotion everyone might have come across at least once that instantly connects with listeners. Naits is on a mission for global recognition and you can see why with such a quality release. 

Play Now:

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