Addict. & Rewind share new single “Have you ever been in love?”

Italy’s Addict. and Rewind have shared a brand new single called “Have you ever been in love?” On this track, the duo provide bright, reminiscent vibes and a relatable message.

The instrumental for “Have you ever been in love?” is warm and nostalgic, centred around mellow ukuleles that are underscored by rich bass and bouncy percussion. Over top of the beat, the artists provide some wistful, atmospheric vocals full of spacey reverb. This track is vibrant and textured, carrying an uplifting mood with it.

Overall, their songwriting is catchy and this track has a lot of replay value. “Have you ever been in love?” continues the duo’s streak of emotive, relatable tracks, as they provide immaculate vibes on their latest release.

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