New Music Spotlight: PRAX- “INSANE”

Up-and-coming 19-year-old artist PRAX, hailing from Melbourne, Australia, offers potent music that keeps the listener on their toes. His powerful, eclectic sound is exciting and captivating, as he fuses disparate genres into a blend that is refreshingly catchy. He has had a truly interesting journey in music, beginning as a busker and developing his style over a number of years, eventually connecting with a wide number of fans and achieving millions of streams online. It is his willingness to be emotive and vulnerable that helps him stand out from the rest, as he connects with people on a deeper level through his art.

PRAX’s latest offering “INSANE” is an invigorating blend of alt-pop, emo, and rock, utilizing noisy, dark elements to convey a foreboding mood. Distorted guitars make up the heart of its instrumental, as they ring out in exciting stabs over top of heavy percussion. Accompanied by bristling lead synths and rugged synth bass, this instrumental is immense and imposing while still remaining catchy. Moreover, PRAX comes through with some intoxicating vocals over top, giving a heartfelt performance that matches the beat’s nocturnal flair. He demonstrates his refreshing, expressive style here, adding a lot of personality to the beat and making this track even more fiery.

“INSANE” is an intense ride through the mind of the artist. On this track, PRAX shares his perspective with us in a candid manner, delving into his psyche and facing his shadow side. He tackles his demons head on, exploring difficult emotional territory. An artist unafraid of tapping into such topics as this, PRAX’s honestly makes him relatable, and makes the track more engaging and giving it much replay value.

PRAX has also released a new music video for “INSANE”, conveying the song’s dark, intense sound. The visual’s minimalism is effective in capturing the emotional honesty of the song. Moreover, it is also suitably personal, allowing us to connect with him on an intimate level. Check out the music video for “INSANE” here:

Overall, it is evident PRAX is an exciting rising artist to keep an eye on, as he has remained consistent in delivering potent, emotive songs. “INSANE” is another offering from him that has us hooked. If you want to stream more music from PRAX, go here:

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