New Music Spotlight: JML- “CAMERAS”

Vancouver’s JML has come forth with a poignant new offering, showcasing his sharp skills as a songwriter. “CAMERAS” is the latest release from the prolific musician, who has risen in recent years through a series of strong singles, including the evocative “Chosen”. For his latest single “CAMERAS” , his expressive, refreshing style shines as he delivers easy-going, memorable verses and a catchy hook. Moreover, he comes through with an authentic, important message, discussing the ramifications of vanity in today’s materialistic society.

In Vancouver’s developing music scene, JML is an artist that provides a breath of fresh air with his honest style of songwriting. He weaves personal, potent narratives over top of cloudy, elegant production, giving his music an ethereal tone. Pairing his dream-like sound with real-to-life topics, the artist combines grounded sensibility with surrealism in a revitalizing manner.

This is especially evident on “CAMERAS”, a song that captures his multi-layered style with its combination of tranquil instrumentation and candid social commentary. Over mellow, glowing keys, JML meditates on the shallowness of today’s society and its pre-occupation with the superficial. Beneath, bouncy percussion and warm bass lock in a head-nodding rhythm, providing a solid foundation for his smooth vocals. As the song progresses, layers of synths are added, ultimately climaxing in a memorable, dynamic chorus. The production on “CAMERAS” as a whole is smooth, catchy, and immersive, giving the song much replay value.

All in all, the honesty with which JML approaches “CAMERAS” is commendable, and he executes his performance well, making for a compelling offering both vocally and instrumentally. The rising artist is certainly one to keep an eye out for in Vancouver and beyond, as his sound is mesmerizing and his subject material is thought provoking. It is evident that he wishes to tell an important, invigorating message with his music. Hopefully more is soon to come from him, as we are certainly hooked in by the elegant, hypnotic sound of “CAMERAS” as well as its truthful subject material.

Listen to more from JML:

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