DripLee Drops New Single Called “Better Without You”

Written by Avinash Singh

Our track of the day “Better Without You” by DripLee has a certain quality that you can’t just hear from anyone and has something distinct from the pack.

“Better Without You” delivers a pop-punk vibe with biting futuristic music. The atmosphere is filled with amazing energy and has a subtle touch of melancholic-retro colors. With unique creativity and a mix of punk, the artist offers his own vision of music and brings a new recipe to the table.

This track is super slick and oozing with style. The backing beat is fresh, features drums and guitar-driven melodies, reminiscent of golden age pop. The recording also utilizes a subtle music video for the viewers to enjoy which adds a little bit of analog flavor to the ambiance.

With fabulous production to the voice, we were excited to discover something different from what’s already existing. The song mixes pop with punk vibes. It is so unique that you never get bored. Maybe makes you travel through unexpected musical worlds and feelings.“Better Without You” is one of the best tracks we’ve heard during the month. Splendid and creative, we listen to it on repeat!

Stream it and enjoy:

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