Mr Pigeons shares expansive track “Secret Circle”

Berlin’s Mr Pigeons has returned with an excellent song called “Secret Circle” that “flew” under the radar, but certainly deserves wider attention. Featuring the talented Mehira Cruz, this release is expansive and freeing, containing an intriguing mood that escapes categorization.

The instrumental for “Secret Circle” is dreamlike and grand, conjuring an image of open skies or seas. It is made up of ethereal synths that drift beautifully over crisp percussion. Beneath, muscular 808s add balance to the song, giving it an energetic rhythm. Mr Pigeons comes through with some expressive verses, and caps it off with a mesmerizing hook, sung alongside Cruz. The chorus is especially captivating and well-written, beckoning many re-listens.

Overall, “Secret Circle” is a strong release from Mr Pigeons and Mehira Cruz, which hopefully signals a new full length project from him soon. Fresh off the heels of the boundary-pushing LP Pink Fossil, the artist is sounding better than ever and one can highly anticipate whatever comes up next from him.

Written by Jacob Saltzberg

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