BigGuySky shares vibrant EP ‘Been Scarred’

19 year-old Florida artist BigGuySky has shared a vibrant EP called Been Scarred. Over 6 potent, versatile tracks, the artist showcases his focused technical skills and his ear for catchy melodies.

The title track “Been Scarred” opens the album, introducing the record in a grand fashion. Here, a triumphant beat made up of powerful horns and crisp percussion blasts out, making a confident entrance. BigGuySky himself is a highlight of the song, as he comes through with some electrifying melodies and personal, emotive lyrics that draw one into the song’s atmosphere. Following this track up is “Moveee”, a track that is reflective in tone, slightly calming the energy and providing dynamics on the release. Here, Sky once again delivers some strong melodies, and the chorus is a true earworm.

“Happy” takes the album’s sound and drives it in a brighter direction. The instrumental is centred around sparkling keys and lively 808s, with clean drums locking in the rhythm. He sounds poised as a vocalist here, performing some introspective verses. Finally, the EP closes on a high note with gripping tracks “Your Face (Just Won’t Go Away)” and “Outta Time”. The latter is particularly captivating, with its drifting guitars and heartfelt vocals containing thoughtful lyrics.

Overall, Been Scarred is an engaging, honest release from BigGuySky that shows the young artist’s potential. The title track in particular is an invigorating listen, for it is an underrated banger that provides much replay value. Hopefully more is soon to come from this Florida musician, as this is certainly an enjoyable project from him early on in his career.

Written by Jacob Saltzberg

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