Blu shines on “People Call Me Blu(e)”, produced by Exile

Legendary Los Angeles rapper Blu has shared a new single called “People Call Me Blu(e)”, produced by the great Exile. This track finds Blu flowing smoothly over a textured, raw beat full of soul and energy.

Both Blu and Exile sound as sharp as ever on this new release, further proving their longevity and consistency. Following last year’s highly acclaimed album Miles, both artists released a heap of quality music, including Blu’s For Sale EP with Sirplus and Exile’s “Always Summer” with Cousin Brother. Now, the two connect for Blu’s latest single “People Call Me Blu(e)”, a standout song from his upcoming album The Color Blu(e), which will be released on Nature Sounds.

The instrumental for “People Call Me Blu(e)” is evocative and smoky, featuring coarsely chopped vocal samples and dusty horns. Beneath, rugged drums and rich bass create an infectious groove and lay a solid foundation for Blu’s elastic flows. He comes through with some characteristically clever lyrics that cover his mind state on hip-hop and music as a whole. Sounding as focused and poised as ever, he delivers charismatic verses that keep the listener re-winding.

Overall, “People Call Me Blu(e)” is a strong release that has one excited for the upcoming full-length album. This track captures Blu and Exile’s familiar sound while also pushing into new territory. Their chemistry is evident as always, as they deliver a track that is both energetic and welcomingly casual.

Written by Jacob Saltzberg

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