Written by Avinash Singh

Hailing from Virginia, Shaiva is an underrated multi-talent artist that will have you eargasming all day. 

His popular gem ‘Basketball’ is exactly what we needed to keep believing in music again. His own creation of his genre is what makes him different from the crowd and the trap-infused production to unveil a sexy and appealing track. The first thing that comes to mind when I listen to it is that it has the energy and intensity of beats and trap production but at a more modest place and without the thumping, pulsating beat. The track, Basketball offers an excellent example of this. 

The music is avant-garde and ethereal, exhibiting a dreamlike quality but not something that will put you to sleep. It’s compatible with a party atmosphere while remaining subdued. 

While not being explicit, the music is melodically charged and emits a tasteful, sensual vibe. This particular song is also very dynamic as well, with frequent changes and unpredictable twists and turns throughout. 
There’s a good chance we’ll hear more about this style of music, as I think it fills a certain niche and seems to parallel other trends. The beat is crisp, while the chime-like synths create an almost heavenly, ethereal ambiance. All in all a lifetime experience.

Checkout his music below:

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