Written by Avinash Singh

Today we are glad to introduce you to AP SIL and Xavi, some of our best upcoming young artists this month.

The young  American artist is just Infectious and haunting, the track is built over flawless futuristic R&B/ Soul production and bouncy flow. We listened to it on repeat, out loud in the office, and still couldn’t get over the tune it got so addictive

Their voice brings comfort to our ears, instantly grabbing our attention, and you’re immediately hooked when they sing. The song gives you hope, faith, and love and is beautifully written. AP SIL  has delivered a mesmerizing record. He and Xavi are on the rise with this amazing track.

AP SIL’s vocals and earnest lyrics lend an authentic quality to the song. They are clearly professional singers, so they are able to handle the high level of difficulty this music presents. The ethereal musical backing is pretty straightforward RnB, mellow and smooth but still poppin’ enough to get down to send us to a mystical musical world 

It’s intended to be motivational and promotes the idea of overcoming the adversity life throws at you. It has an RNB/hip-hop club vibe. It has a sleek quality to it. Don’t think twice and listen to this single immediately.

Play now:

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