Reed, Hunnaloe, and Sly C share new song “The Ropes”

East Coast rappers Reed, Hunnaloe, and Sly C have shared a new song called “The Ropes”. The three rising artists continue their prolific output with this new release, a raw, laid-back offering that provides much replay value.

The instrumental for “The Ropes” contains dusky, textured vocal samples that swirl together in an intriguing way. With additional guitars and bass complementing the vocal samples, this track sounds layered and rich. Underscored by rugged drums, the song carries a smooth, relaxed pace. Moreover, the three rappers come through with some clever, candid verses that keep one hooked. Hopefully more will be coming soon from Reed, Hunnaloe, and Sly C, as they have been consistently dropping some high-quality tracks lately.

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