New Music Spotlight: Kwynn Reid- ‘Home for the Summer’

Western Massachusetts artist Kwynn Reid is a rising voice to watch, having recently shared a strong new EP Home for the Summer. He is admirably diverse in his songwriting, crafting songs in a variety of stylings and moods with ease, as he draws influence from R&B, hip-hop, electronic, pop, and more. His new EP Home for the Summer feels warm in sound and personal in its songwriting, while simultaneously providing bangers that have you nodding your head immediately.

Home for the Summer kicks off with the powerful title track, which uses strong drums and rumbling 808s to create a driving rhythm. Over top of the rhythm section, smooth keys and subtle, high-pitched vocal samples give the song a layered feel. The combination of the keys and vocal samples are engaging and catchy, sticking in one’s head long after listening. Furthermore, Reid comes through with some well-written vocals that introduce his singing style. He sounds confident and heartfelt on this song, beginning the EP in an engaging fashion that hooks the listener in from the get-go.

Reid follows this track up with the thoughtful, charismatic “Can’t Be Helped”, which feels gospel influenced. Here, warm organs pair with energizing synths to create infectious melodies that lift the track up to the clouds. Furthermore, crunchy percussion and deep bass are added to round out the song, giving it a steady pace. Reid’s vocals are memorable, featuring intriguing melodies and introspective lyrics. His lyrics are relatable and heartfelt here, painting a clear portrait of his perspective.

Lastly, Reid switches the pace up for the jaunty, reminiscent “Think Too Much”. This track conjures a unique mood through its usage of rapid drums and dream-like, fluttering acoustic guitars. Paired with soulful, nostalgic vocal samples and underscored by groovy bass, this song is a project highlight. “Think Too Much” is an example of Reid’s diverse songwriting skills, as he brings a different sound and style here and executes it smoothly. This song closes out the EP in a graceful fashion, providing a warm, bittersweet send-off.

All in all, Home for the Summer is an intriguing, memorable release from Kwynn Reid, who is certainly a talented up-and-coming voice coming from Western Massachusetts. His sharp songwriting ability and heartfelt style shines through on this release, as he provides a refreshing sound that contains a lot of personality. Hopefully more is soon to come from Reid, as he shows much promise across these three tracks and leaves the listener wanting more.

Connect with Kwynn Reid:


Instagram: @kwynnreid

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