The China Blue shares enigmatic new single “SiLENCE”

Massachusetts artist The China Blue has shared a strong new single called “SiLENCE”. This track finds him delivering heartfelt, urgent vocals over top of a mysterious instrumental.

Sonically, “SiLENCE” conveys feelings of anxiety and longing through mercurial, dream-like guitars that drift over top of brisk drums and groovy bass. Moreover, The China Blue’s vocals are expressive and intriguing, as he touches on alienation, loneliness, and sorrow in his lyrics. His overall vocal performance is truly evocative, and his skill as a songwriter shines through on this release.

Overall, “SiLENCE” is a strong offering from The China Blue, who sonically mixes disparate emotions together in a truly interesting manner on this track. It is evident that crafting such a song takes much skill, as the combination of sounds and lyrical motifs make for a release worth re-visiting again and again.

Written by Jacob Saltzberg

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