Buppy & Eleanor Kingston share heartfelt single “To My Momma”

Buppy and Eleanor Kingston have shared a heartfelt collaboration called “To My Momma”. Over top of bittersweet keys and reminiscent trumpets, the musicians craft a touching tribute to their Mothers, and Mothers everywhere.

The instrumental for “To My Momma” is centred around warm keys that create a brisk pace, underscored by organic sounding percussion. Later, nostalgic trumpets and swelling synths are added to give the track more layers, creating a concoction of sounds that is mellow and wistful. Moreover, the two vocalists come through with some well-written verses that are emotionally moving, capping the song off in a graceful fashion.

Overall, “To My Momma” is a solid release from Buppy and Eleanor Kingston that hopefully signifies more upcoming music from the pairing. They share a natural chemistry on this collaboration, providing a heartfelt, catchy track that is worth re-visting many times.

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