Dylan Reese shares uplifting new single “harmony”

Massachusetts musician Dylan Reese has shared an uplifting new single called “harmony”. This smooth release finds Reese coming through with some laid back, self-assured vocals over top of a warm, peaceful instrumental.

“harmony” glows with reflective warmth, providing a heavenly soundscape. Centred around buttery organs and nostalgic guitars, the instrumental is underscored by organic sounding drums that provide a steady rhythm. Beneath, groovy, rich bass glues the track together and helps create a strong foundation for Reese’s smooth vocals. In particular, his songwriting shines through as crafts elegant verses and a memorable chorus.

Overall, “harmony” is a mesmerizing release from Reese that showcases his strong focus as a songwriter. It is a track worthy of re-visiting again and again, providing a dream-like atmosphere that is hard to replicate.

Written by Jacob Saltzberg

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