I M U R shares vivid new visual for Birdseye

Vancouver’s I M U R have shared a vivid new visual for their hazy banger “Birdseye”, a track from their recent album My Molecules. This smooth, layered song has been given a suitably surreal visual to accompany it, reinforcing its nocturnal sound.

The instrumental for “Birdseye” is wistful and moody, centred around dreamy keys that ring out overtop of textured percussion and rumbling 808s. Moreover, the vocals on “Birdseye” are evocative, showcasing the group’s sharp songwriting skills. Accompanied by a suitably warm, mellow visual that feels nostalgic in tone, this is an engaging release.

Overall “Birdseye” provides much replay value and the music video reinforces the track’s graceful sound. Hopefully more is soon to come from the talented I M U R, who have recently released a strong album in My Molecules.

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