Ish Akanour shares fresh new video for “Magic”

Massachusetts musician Ish Akanour has shared a fresh new video for his single “Magic”. This track finds the talented artist flowing smoothly over top of an atmospheric instrumental.

The instrumental for “Magic” is centred around ambient synths that drift over top of bouncy percussion. Beneath, strong 808s create a driving rhythm that has one nodding their head immediately. The overall production is energetic and exciting, making for an engaging listen.

Moreover, Akanour’s vocals on the track are smooth and his cadence is charismatic, giving the track much replay value. Paired with a casual, warm video, this is an offering to re-visit again and again. Hopefully this release signals more to come from Akanour, who has released a substantial amount of high-quality music this year.

Written by Jacob Saltzberg

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