BAINS. shares introspective new song “Paranoid”

Vancouver’s BAINS. has shared a reflective new song called “Paranoid” that touches on social anxiety and the pressure of working in the entertainment industry. On this release, he explores this theme with some emotive, vivid verses capped off by a memorable chorus.

Sonically, “Paranoid” is centred around melancholic guitars that drift along at a dream-like pace, underscored by clean percussion. Beneath, pillowy 808s glue the track together, providing a cohesive foundation for BAINS.’ bittersweet melodies. He comes through with some well-written, touching lyrics centred around potent topics like social anxiety and the pressure put on entertainers.

Overall, “Paranoid” is another solid release from BAINS., who has released a number of well-crafted singles this year and remains under-recognized. He is evidently a skilled songwriter who isn’t afraid to get personal with his music. One can only hope that more is soon to come from this rising Vancouver musician.

Written by Jacob Saltzberg

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