Thalia Falcon shares energetic new release “PLUG N PLAY”

Thalia Falcon has shared a confident, energetic new release called “PLUG N PLAY”. Over top of powerful synths and driving bass, the talented singer delivers some well-written melodies that stick in one’s head for days. Featuring a vivid music video to accompany it, this release is one to re-visit again and again.

The instrumental for “PLUG N PLAY” is energetic and uplifting, containing lively synths that play out at a rapid pace. Beneath, bouncy percussion and catchy bass create a deep groove, providing a solid foundation for Falcon’s charismatic vocals. She comes through with some sharply-crafted verses and an ecstatic chorus, showcasing her focus and poise as a songwriter.

Moreover, the music video for “PLUG N PLAY” is vivid and engaging, providing a dream-like, colorful accompaniment to the track. The music video captures the song’s mood through the usage of fast-moving shots that create a surreal effect. It is a spirited visual that re-enforces the track’s vibe effectively.

Overall, “PLUG N PLAY” is a strong offering from the under-rated Falcon, who has been consistently releasing high-quality singles of late. She sounds poised and confident on this song, providing an uplifting offering with a slightly dream-like quality that takes one away to another place.

Written by Jacob Saltzberg

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