YRBK & Masetti’s new video for “Rich Kids” explores gratitude

YRBK and Masetti have shared a new video for their song “Rich Kids”, a thought-provoking release that explores gratitude. With this offering, the artists inspire people to embrace themselves for who they are, regardless of what society says.

Sonically, “Rich Kids” is centred around a free-spirited, hopeful guitar riff that keeps a brisk pace. Beneath the guitars, steady percussion creates a head-nodding rhythm as rich bass glues the track together. Over top of the bright instrumental, YRBK and Masetti come through with some smooth, self-assured vocals that are catchy and engaging. Furthermore, their lyrics are thought-provoking and authentic, discussing themes such as being grateful for what you have, and being yourself regardless of external pressures. Accompanied by a crisp, fresh visual that reinforces the song’s lyrical themes, “Rich Kids” is certainly a release to come back to again and again.

Written by Jacob Saltzberg

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