Brandon Serafino shares vivid new single “Silk Shirt Fit”

Massachusetts musician Brandon Serafino has shared a smooth, vivid new single called “Silk Shirt Fit”. Over top of bouncy synths, the singer comes through with some effortlessly catchy vocals that draw one in from the get-go.

“Silk Shirt Fit” is a summery journey through warm, evocative sounds that immerse the listener in their atmosphere. Featuring head-nodding percussion that is excitingly energetic, this track provides endless replay value. Moreover, Serafino’s vocals on the song are laid-back and memorable, showcasing his sharp talents as a songwriter. His melodies are well-crafted yet playful, making for an engaging listen.

Overall, “Silk Shirt Fit” is a strong release from Serafino, providing a fitting soundtrack for warm summer nights. He has been releasing underrated, high-quality singles at a consistent pace recently, and this song is no exception. All in all, one can look forward to more music from him with much anticipation.

Written by Jacob Saltzberg

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