Jerome the Prince shares reflective track “Lyin’ 2 Me”

Georgia rapper Jerome the Prince has shared a new song called “Lyin’ 2 Me” featuring Eon Zero. This relatable, reflective track is centred around wistful guitars that drift along underneath smooth flows from Jerome the Prince and Eon Zero.

The instrumental for “Lyin’ 2 Me” is contains dream-like guitars that float overtop of crisp percussion. The percussion is underscored by driving bass that creates a solid foundation for the rappers’ dextrous, smooth verses. Moreover, the rappers provide fast-paced flows and relatable lyrics that draw the listener even further into the song’s atmosphere.

Overall, “Lyin’ 2 Me” is a strong release from Jerome the Prince and Eon Zero, showcasing their sharp abilities as lyricists and their finely-tuned skills on the mic. Furthermore, the two artists share undeniable chemistry on this release and sound very natural together, making for an entertaining listen.

Written by Jacob Saltzberg

One reply on “Jerome the Prince shares reflective track “Lyin’ 2 Me””

Jerome is definitely gonna be done of the GOAT’s, been listening to him for a couple years, he’s helped me through some shit I’ve been dealing with, and one of the reasons I was inspired to create music as well! Been there since “Devil Side”, and I’ll be here til the end! Love ya Jerome! Fuck a prince, you’re a KING!

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