Pareto’s “Long Drive” is a laid-back trip down memory lane

Massachusetts artist Pareto‘s “Long Drive” is a breezy, nostalgic track off his recent EP Generation of Desolation. Over top of warm, fluttering guitars, he delivers heartfelt vocals that are evocative in nature.

Alongside the wistful guitars, rich bass underscores the track, playing out in a catchy, memorable riff. Furthermore, the drums on “Long Drive” are textured and organic, maintaining a jaunty pace that suits Pareto’s laid-back yet confident vocals well. He comes through with some smooth raps and well-written melodies that draw the listener into the song’s welcomingly sentimental atmosphere.

Overall, “Long Drive” is a sharply crafted song that keeps one engaged throughout. If you enjoyed “Long Drive”, check out the remainder of Pareto’s EP Generation of Desolation, a solid offering that accompanies summer evenings nicely.

Written by Jacob Saltzberg

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