Jackson Whalan’s “Hot Sauce” is breezy and thought-provoking

Jackson Whalan’s “Hot Sauce”, a sharply-crafted, breezy beat off his recently released From the Woods Beats instrumental album, is a dreamy, uplifting offering that immerses the listener in its wistful atmosphere.

Whalan’s recently released From the Woods Beats album contains a number of low-key, smooth bangers, and “Hot Sauce” is certainly one of the highlights off the project. Centred around shimmering keys and bouncy, organic drums, this beat is truly memorable and immersive. Underscored by warm, reminiscent guitars, this layered beat is a calming, intriguing listening experience.

Be sure to check out the full project that this beat is placed on, From the Woods Beats, as well as the From the Woods album with vocals from Whalan. These strong offerings compliment each other and provide a sharply-crafted, organic sound that keeps the listener highly engaged.

Written by Jacob Saltzberg

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