Mickey Factz, Blu, and Asher Roth “Reign” on new release

Underground hip-hop veterans Mickey Factz, Blu, and Asher Roth have shared powerful new song called “Reign”, which finds them trading off verses full of firepower over top of a glorious instrumental.

The instrumental for “Reign” is regal, centred around massive gospel vocal samples and pounding drums. Alongside the drums, driving bass creates an infectious rhythm and a solid foundation for the three talented emcees dexterous flows. They deliver punchy, engaging verses containing razor sharp lyrics. Moreover, they ride the beat effortlessly with charismatic cadences that keep the listener hooked throughout.

Overall, “Reign” is a strong track from Mickey Factz, Blu, and Asher Roth, who re-unite for a truly illustrious release. The three underground veterans have not lost a step, sounding as focused and as poised as they ever have. Hopefully a full length project could eventually come from these three, who share natural chemistry on this song.

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