dev soter shares nostalgic new single “tulsa”

Massachusetts musician Dev Soter has shared a nostalgic new single called “Tulsa”. This bittersweet track combines elements of different genres to create something simultaneously futuristic and familiar.

“tulsa” begins with muscular drums that provide an energetic pace, as dreamy guitars are added to create a wistful tone. Moreover, strong bass compliments the track, adding layers that create an infectious rhythm. soter’s vocals on this release are magnificent as well, combining elements of hip-hop, pop, and indie to foster a style that is unique and refreshing. Furthermore, his songwriting ability shines through as he crafts engaging melodies while simultaneously showing restraint and discipline.

Overall, “tulsa” is a strong release from dev soter, further proving that he is a skilled up-and-coming talent to keep an eye on. It is likely that bright things are ahead for this Massachusetts musician, who came through with an under-rated, sharply crafted release earlier this year in “the dida tapes”.

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